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Six-monthly CD4 cell monitoring 'unnecessary' for people doing well on HIV therapy
<p>Michael Carter</p>
January 17, 2013

CD4 cell count monitoring more than once a year is unnecessary for people doing well on HIV therapy, investigators from the United States report in the online edition of Clinical Infectious Diseases. They found that there was a 99% probability over five years that people whose viral load was suppressed and who had a CD4 cell count above 300 cells/mm3 would maintain a CD4 level adequate to protect them from opportunistic infections.

“Our data supports less frequent CD4 monitoring in clinically stable, virally suppressed patients and suggests that routine CD4 monitoring for this population may be unnecessary,” write the authors.

They believe that reducing the frequency of CD4 cell testing would have benefits for both providers and patients, saving substantial sums of money and reducing anxiety in people with HIV.

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