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NEW YORK: HIV, AIDS Patients to Start Moving Back into West Village Residence After Sandy
Staff Writer
January 23, 2013
CBS New York (01.22.13) Aids Weekly Plus

Forty-four HIV/AIDS patients living in Bailey-Holt House in New York City's West Village were forced from their home after super storm Sandy struck in late October 2012. Scattered since the storm hit, the patients can finally begin to move back home this week. Bailey-Holt House CEO Gina Quattrochi declares that electricity was restored a few days ago for the first time since October 28. She praised the patients, saying, "They're doing better than I would have done in this situation." Quattrochi laments that Bailey-Holt House has more than $1 million in expenses to pay; however, because of their location in the Village, not in Rockaway or the Lower East Side, they are ineligible to apply for some of the available funding. To alleviate some of this financial stress, Bailey-Holt House has established an emergency fund.