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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
CALIFORNIA: Free Condoms to be Available in Local High Schools
Jane Northrop
January 30, 2013
Pacifica Tribune (01.29.13)

Trustees of the Jefferson Union High School District in Daly City, Calif., have unanimously agreed to make condoms available in the schools. The policy is being drafted and will be presented to the board for final approval. At present, the schools only allow students to receive condoms provided by a licensed healthcare practitioner, which entails going to the Daly City Youth Health Center (DCYHC). With the new policy, a student can get condoms from a special services counselor at each school, provided that the student has successfully completed the school district health class. In 2009, DCYHC initiated a pilot program making condoms available at Thornton Continuation High School. Thornton students completed a survey about sexual activity, and results indicated that only one student was not sexually active. Also, students told DCYHC Nurse Practitioner Scott Cuyjet that they were embarrassed to purchase condoms at the drugstore. Cuyjet said that students appreciate being able to come in and receive condoms; he also was glad they were being responsible, as he wanted to see them protected from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The special services counselor at one high school commented that she was in favor of having condoms available in her office because many students had issues getting transportation to the DCYHC. None of the attendees at the school district meeting spoke against the decision. The board members, parents, teachers, and counselors who spoke at the meeting all agreed that easy access to condoms would benefit the students. The board president—who has sons in one of the district high schools—was reluctant at first, but later admitted that their arguments had convinced him.