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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
INDONESIA: Activists Launch Interactive HIV/AIDS Website
Dessy Sagita
February 13, 2013
JakartaGlobe (02.09.13)

The Indonesia AIDS Coalition has launched the interactive Web site AIDS Digital to provide a comprehensive HIV resource center for the Indonesian public and HIV-infected people. According to Aditya Warhana, the coalition’s executive director , AIDS Digital will connect users to HIV prevention and testing resources; nongovernmental organizations that specialize in HIV counseling and advocacy; and health facilities that provide antiretroviral treatment, free syringes, drug treatment, and treatment for other STDs. Warhana hopes the Web site fills a previously unmet need for a “private space” in which the Indonesian public and HIV-infected people can access services without encountering the stigma and HIV myths prevalent in Indonesian culture. AIDS Digital has an interactive feature that allows users to ask questions, receive responses, and rate their experience with HIV health facilities. Indonesia AIDS Coalition will use results from this customer satisfaction survey to compel HIV health facilities to improve their services. A 2011 UNAIDS report estimated that Indonesia had approximately 370,000 HIV-infected residents. According to the Indonesia National AIDS Commission, $69 million—more than half donated by external sources—went to HIV prevention and treatment in 2010. The public can access the AIDS Digital Web site at