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BURUNDI: US Gives Burundi US $15.7 Million to Fight HIV/AIDS
Staff Writer
March 5, 2013
Afrique Jet (03.02.13) Aids Weekly Plus

In a press release made available on March 1, the US Embassy said that the United States will provide Burundi an additional $3.5 million in aid toward its fight against HIV/AIDS and mother-to-child transmission of the disease. This will bring US financial support of Burundi’s efforts against HIV/AIDS to a total $15.7 million. The embassy said that US assistance to Burundi since 2007 has included drugs, laboratory materials, medical personnel training, and education of the population on disease prevention. 115,658 women have received free medical testing during their pre-natal periods and 97,408 additional women have received HIV/AIDS screening. According to national statistics, the rate of sero-prevalence for HIV/AIDS is 4.2 percent among 15–49-year-olds.