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ALABAMA: Ala. Students Challenge Law on Sex Education
Associated Press
March 26, 2013 (03.23.13)

Two students in Alabama are using YouTube and an online petition to try to change the sex education curriculum in the state. The students object to a part of the state sex education law and curriculum that describes homosexuality as unacceptable and unlawful in the state. Alabama’s sodomy law was invalidated in 2003 by the US Supreme Court, but the state law on sex education has not been changed. The two students are using the video and petition to rally support for a bill introduced by Rep. Patricia Todd (D-Birmingham), the legislature’s only gay member to have the language removed. So far, the bill has not been considered by a House committee. The bill addresses other portions of the law, including removal of abstinence-only education. Todd said that she will reintroduce a new version of the bill addressing the language on homosexuality only. She felt that a narrower bill would have a better chance of passing. The students’ petition on has received over 80,000 signatures.