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MASSACHUSETTS: BC Tells Students to Stop Dispensing Condoms
Katherine Landergan
March 27, 2013
Boston Globe (03.26.13)

Officials at Boston College (BC) sent a letter to a group of students on March 15 demanding an end to student-run Safe Sites, a number of dorm rooms and other locations that provide free contraceptives and safe-sex information. The letter, signed by both the dean of students and the director of residence life, demanded that the students stop distributing condoms, as it was in conflict with their “responsibility to protect the values and traditions of Boston College as a Jesuit, Catholic institution.” The letter warned that if the students were distributing condoms on campus, the matter would be referred to the student conduct office for disciplinary action. Lizzie Jekanowski, chairperson of BC Students for Sexual Health, said that the Safe Sites program fills a need that is not being met by the university for its students. With Safe Sites, students can go to any of 18 locations, including an off-campus location and dorms, to collect free male and female condoms, lubricant, and pamphlets about sexual health. She noted that the group has always been transparent with the administration and was disappointed that the signatories of the letter did not contact the association beforehand, as the group has had a very open and positive relationship with the university. According to Jekanowski, the student group is scheduled to meet with six directors of various BC administrative offices at the end of April.