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Updating the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program For A New Era: Key Issues and Questions For The Future

<p>Kaiser Family Foundation</p>

April 2, 2013

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is a more than two-decade old federal effort that provides care and services to more than half a million people with and affected by HIV each year.

With its current authorization set to expire in September, policymakers are weighing the program’s future at a time when scientific advances in antiretroviral treatment, the passage of the Affordable Care Act and the release of the country’s first comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy have significantly altered the environment in which the program operates. The brief, Updating the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program For A New Era: Key Issues & Questions for the Future, identifies key issues and questions facing the program and explores a range of potential changes for policymakers and others to consider. These fall into four broad, intersecting areas:

  • Supporting people with HIV at each stage of the treatment cascade, from diagnosis to viral suppression
  • Building HIV care networks in underserved communities
  • Integrating HIV care expertise into the mainstream health care system
  • Effectively and fairly allocating Ryan White resources

An overview fact sheet on the Ryan White Program is also available on, as are additional Foundation resources on HIV/AIDS.