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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
SAUDI ARABIA: 1,233 New AIDS Cases Reported for 2012 in Saudi Arabia
Associated Press
April 11, 2013
Montreal Gazette (04.09.13)

Dr. Sanaa bin Mustafa Flimban, head of Saudi Arabia's AIDS charity foundation, said the country recorded 1,233 new AIDS cases in 2012. Okaz, the state-owned newspaper, published this information on April 9. Flimban stated that 96 percent of Saudi Arabian AIDS patients contracted AIDS through sexual intercourse. She declared that the kingdom reported a total of 850 infected Saudi females, all of whom contracted the disease from their spouses. Eighty percent of these females discovered they had AIDS only after pregnancy. For years, Saudi Arabia has not released AIDS statistics, as sex and AIDS prevention discussion is forbidden in the conservative Muslim nation. The United Nations Development Programme said that since 1986, Saudi Arabia has reported nearly 10,000 cases of AIDS or HIV.