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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
CALIFORNIA: Local and Community News Teen Condom Access Project Expands to San Diego County

<p>Megan Burks</p>

May 2, 2013

According to the California Family Health Council (CFHC), San Diego County has the second-highest number of chlamydia cases among the state's 15- to 19-year-olds and the sixth-highest number of gonorrhea cases. Because of this, the Condom Access Project - a statewide, federally funded family planning network - is expanding its project to include San Diego County. The project allows teenagers in seven “high STD areas” to order free condoms online.

Amy Moy, CFHC's vice president of public affairs, said the program helps reticent teens who may not wish to obtain condoms in stores and clinics. CFHC distributed 30,000 condoms in 2012. Teens can request the mailers monthly at

The California Department of Public Health noted that state STD rates are on the rise. In San Diego County, chlamydia cases increased from 14,141 in 2008 to 15,399 in 2011. Gonorrhea cases increased from 1,847 to 2,174 between 2008 and 2011. County data show rates are highest in central San Diego. Moy stated that while it is important to emphasize abstinence to teens as the best way to avoid STDs or pregnancy, people also need to acknowledge that teens are engaging in sexual activity, and everyone needs to help them be as safe as possible.