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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
IRELAND: Think Before You Ink: Hepatitis C Risk From Tattoos

Staff Writer

May 24, 2013 (Dublin) (05.20.2013) Aids Weekly Plus

A recent study conducted at Dublin’s Rotunda Maternity Hospital found that 78 of 8,976 women tested were positive for hepatitis C due to risk factors that included drug abuse and tattooing. The tattoo industry currently is unregulated. Before individuals receive a tattoo, they should check that the artist sterilizes needles and equipment that may come into contact with blood; keeps separate ink pots; uses safety gloves; cleans and disinfects surfaces; safely disposes of any materials that may come into contact with blood; and covers fresh tattoos with a dressing to prevent infection or disease transmission. After being tattooed, an individual should check their tattoo regularly to make sure that it has not become infected.