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CANADA: Quebec Hospital Wants 1,000 Patients to Come in for HIV, Hepatitis Tests
Staff Writer
June 6, 2013
CBC News (06.03.2013) Aids Weekly Plus

Hôtel Dieu hospital officials in Lévis, Quebec held a news conference on June 3 to discuss the details of their discovery that a linear endoscope at their hospital used for colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures had not been properly disinfected from June 14, 2005, until May 1, 2013. The hospital has a record of each of the nearly 1,000 patients who came into contact with that endoscope, and will send letters to all of the patients during the coming week. Quebec health authorities ask that these patients undergo HIV and hepatitis B and C screenings as a precaution. Additionally, the hospital set up a hotline to respond to questions that the patients may have. The hotline number is 1–888–835–7105.