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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
UNITED KINGDOM: Tuberculosis Screening Scheme Extended
Staff Writer
June 11, 2013
Public Service.CO.UK (06.11.2013) Aids Weekly Plus

In May 2012, the United Kingdom (UK) began pre-screening immigrants from eight countries, including India, Malaysia, and the Philippines, for TB if they planned to stay in the country longer than six months, in an effort to address the increase in incoming TB cases. Beginning July 1, the UK will extend pre-entry screening to include China, Ethiopia, Gambia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malawi, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zambia. The latest changes will bring the total to 67 countries with high TB incidence from which immigrants must be screened before the UK will grant them a visa. Immigration Minister Mark Harper said that it was essential to take action to fight the rise of TB cases in the UK, and that pre-entry screening followed by treatment would help prevent the risk of the disease. The most recent statistics show that the UK reported more than 9,000 new TB cases in 2011, and non-UK-born individuals accounted for 75 percent of all new TB cases.