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ANC lauds government successes in fight against HIV/Aids
<p>Staff Writer</p>
June 11, 2013

The government should be congratulated on successes in the fight against HIV/Aids mentioned in a United Nations report, the ANC said on Tuesday.

While sub-Saharan Africa remained the worst affected by the HIV/Aids epidemic, Aids-related deaths in South Africa had significantly dropped over the last three years, spokesman Jackson Mthembu said about the report.

It reviews the political declaration on HIV and Aids the UN general assembly adopted in 2011.

"We have no doubt this decrease in Aids deaths in South Africa is a direct result of the African National Congress government’s successful HIV/Aids treatment programmes over, particularly, the last five years."

UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon presented the report to the UN general assembly on Monday.

Among the key interventions were the voluntary counselling and testing campaign, the earlier availability of antiretroviral treatment, and the effort to reduce mother-to-child transmission.