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MOZAMBIQUE: AIDS Kills 200 Prisoners in Mozambican Jails in 2012-Report

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June 20, 2013

StarAfrica (06.19.2013)

The Mozambique, Africa, state-run daily newspaper “Noticias” reported on June 19 that approximately 208 inmates died of AIDS while incarcerated in the country’s jails, based on information from Samo Goncalves, director of penal control in the Ministry of Justice. Goncalves noted that the deaths occurred even though the prison service has 15 health units throughout the country staffed by 24 medical professionals, including doctors, medical technicians, nurses, and psychiatrists. He also said the prison service guaranteed inmates antiretroviral treatment and monitoring by doctors. The current prison population is a little more than 15,800, with a ratio of one guard to 15 prisoners.