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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
WEST INDIES: Healthcare Workers Trained in Prevention, Care and Control of Tuberculosis
By Monique Washington
July 30, 2013
St. Kitts-Nevis Observer (07.26.2013)

Last week, 27 Caribbean health professionals received specialized training in the prevention and treatment of TB and TB/HIV. The one-day workshop, sponsored jointly by the Pan American Health Organization and Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network, focused on the Caribbean’s TB guidelines. In 1993, the World Health Organization called TB a public health “global emergency” and estimated that one in three persons carried the infection. Minister of Health Mark Brantley pointed out to attendees the importance of having such a workshop, stating, “It is imperative that all our doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, including pharmacists, lab technologists, and environment and health promotion officers, strengthen their knowledge in this area.” Fellow speaker Dr. Judy Nisbett, medical health officer on Nevis, remarked that, “TB is a contagious airborne disease that can be transmitted from one person to another, but it is also treatable and preventable. It is a debilitating disease that requires a long course of treatment to ensure cure.” She said the workshop’s topics would concentrate on prevention, treatment, and care guidelines.