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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
NEW JERSEY: STD Cases Are Still up in Mercer County, Health Officials Say Prostitution Is to Blame
By Marques White
September 17, 2013
59 News WVNS (09.12.2013)

Mercer County, N.J., has seen a rise in STD cases in the past several months and law officials blame it on an increase in prostitution. According to Mercer County Health Department nurses, they typically treat 10–15 STD cases per month, but they have treated almost double the regular numbers throughout the summer months, with 28, 27, and 22 cases from June through August, respectively. Health department nurses educate the community about STDs and their potential serious consequences. According to the Princeton, N.J., police department, they stage stings every month to remove prostitutes from the streets; their continued efforts reduced the number of prostitutes who frequented Mercer Street from approximately 17 to only two or three. People interested in obtaining a free STD test should contact the Mercer County Health Department.