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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
INDIA: Innovative Cambodia Method Could Curb TB Cases
By Jyoti Shelar
September 19, 2013
Mumbai Mirror (09.17.2013)

CDC and Harvard School of Public Health infection control experts shared a World Health Organization (WHO)-approved TB prevention model with workshop attendees at Sion Hospital in Mumbai, India. The experts also analyzed the impact of Sion Hospital’s ventilation system design on TB transmission within the hospital. Dr. Sujata Baweja, head of Sion Hospital’s microbiology department, stated that the WHO TB prevention model designated “cough officers” to “fast-track” patients who entered the hospital with a cough. The cough officers asked the patient how long the cough had lasted, and then requested that the patient take a TB sputum test (away from other patients) that would give immediate results. Patients with positive sputum test results moved immediately to a separate area where they would not interact with other patients and spread TB. Cambodia, which recorded 1,500 TB cases per 100,000 people in 2002, reduced the number of new TB infections dramatically using this screening method. The number of new TB cases dropped by 45 percent in 2012 after Cambodian hospitals implemented the model. The US experts presented the infection control workshop to address recent increases in TB incidence and mortality among nurses, physicians, and class IV hospital workers in Mumbai hospitals. A 24-year-old Sion Hospital medical intern and a 21-year-old Nair Hospital nursing student recently died from TB. Thirteen Sion staff members and nine Nair Hospital staff members also were receiving TB treatment. State-run JJ Hospital had eight staff members in TB treatment.