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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
NEVADA: Health District: Coronado High School Tuberculosis Test Results Won't Be Made Public
By Trevon Milliard
December 11, 2013
Las Vegas Review-Journal (12.10.2013)

Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the TB test results for Nevada’s second-largest public school most likely will not be publicized. After an individual at Coronado High School was diagnosed with TB, the Southern Nevada Health District investigated the case and tested 325 students and staff who were considered at risk. According to Jennifer Sizemore, health district spokesperson, the health district usually notifies only the individuals concerned if they test positive for latent TB infection, which is not contagious. If any of the individuals test positive for the active form of the disease, then the health district sends out a mass notice as they did on November 12, when they sent a notice to all Coronado parents after one individual at the school was diagnosed with active TB. The health district will return in eight to 12 weeks for a second round of TB tests.