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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
Zambia: Tuberculosis Hits New High in Zambia
By Tim Sandle
December 20, 2013
Digital Journal (12.18.2013)

Digital Journal recently reported that the estimated rate of reported TB cases in Zambia is currently 444 per 100,000 individuals, and that many of the incidents occur in Kafue, a town in the Lusaka Province of the country on the north bank of the Kafue River. Officials also have detected TB in most of the cattle and the Kafue lechwe antelope that are found in the area, which is home to a major national park. Mycobacterium TB is zoonotic, meaning it can pass from animals to humans, so a high incidence of the bacterium in animals poses a threat to people. Researchers working in Zambia found that TB strains isolated from individuals and animals in the Kafue area were related. Main routes of transmission from animal to human were likely caused from drinking unpasteurized milk and eating meat that had not been properly screened.