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GLOBAL: Life-Saving Tuberculosis Vaccines Ready for Human Tests
Staff Writer
February 11, 2014
Science World Report (02.10.2014) Aids Weekly Plus

Science World Report published an article stating that researchers are ready to begin human trials of new experimental TB vaccines. Currently, TB vaccine– the bacille Calmette-Guérin– is used for children, but no vaccine exists for adults or individuals with latent TB infection (LTBI). There is an urgent need for a vaccine as TB has developed multiple drug-resistant strains. The NEWTBVAC project funded by the European Union worked with scientists from more than 35 research organizations in various countries. The project, which ends on February 28, worked on blocking TB transmission and preventing LTBI from becoming active TB disease. One focus was finding new potential vaccines and early testing, then transferring the vaccines to partners to conduct trials. Of 40 potential TB vaccines discovered, four received legal clearance to begin human trials. Another aim of the NEWTBVAC program is to make new vaccines globally accessible and affordable.