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Uganda: Lugazi Youth Confront HIV/AIDS Issues
Esther Namugoji
October 21, 2006
Youth Alive Uganda last weekend reached out to the youth of Lugazi Town Council in Mukono District, to increase HIV/AIDS awareness.

Pupils from various schools marched to the tunes of a brass band, holding banners that condemned cross-generational sex.

The charity walk started at St. Kizito Primary School and ended at the grounds opposite the park, where the awareness rally took place.

According to the Programme Co-ordinator, Matthias Tezikuba, Youth Alive chose to have this programme in Lugazi due to the many negative stories that come out of Mukono.

Tezikuba spoke about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and cautioned the youth to abstain from sex in order to be safe. The theme of the event was 'Stop Cross-Generational Sexual Relations'. Most cases of HIV/AIDS infection have been through cross-generational sex.

"Cross-generational sex takes place when someone in a different age group gets involved with someone in a much lower or higher age group," Tezikuba explained in Luganda.

The pupils of various primary and secondary schools from Lugazi Town Council showed great awareness of the different consequences of a reckless lifestyle that could lead to AIDS. These had been learned through various Youth Alive activities in their schools.

Tezikuba decried the poor funding that is allocated to preventive programmes, compared to what is spent on the treatment of AIDS. He urged donors to be keen about behavioural change and abstinence programmes that help to reduce the rate of HIV infection.

The MP for Buikwe West, Hon. Norman Ibrahim Muwulize arrived and pledged his support for the fight against AIDS. He also condemned those agitating for the legalization of prostitution.