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Labour ward gets donation
Vision Reporter
October 12, 2009
DAKS Courier has donated cement for the construction of a maternity wing at St. Francis Health Centre in Njeru town. "Our donation is a call on all stakeholders to come and help. We are proud to support the effort to improve delivery of health services in an area where HIV/AIDS is threatening the future of thousands of children," David Kasingwire, the managing director, said at the centre over the weekend.

The centre treats about 2,500 people on antiretrovirals, 350 being children. It also supports 120 grandmothers. The maternity wing will target the prevention of mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission.

Faustine Ngarambe, a director at the centre, said the donation was timely. "Prevention of mother-to-child transmission remains our biggest challenge," he said.

"We want to put up a labour wing expected to cost sh70m. This donation is a big start for the project," he added.

Njeru town has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates at 13%.