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Bangkok Post
Errant Husbands: Anti-infidelity stickers to fund Aids centres

February 8, 2003
Anti-infidelity stickers are for sale from the Interior Ministry housewives' club to raise funds for establishing nationwide assistance centres for people with Aids and HIV.

Khon Kaen senator Rabiabrat Pongpanich, who heads the club, said it was aiming to sell 30,000 stickers to raise money for forming one-stop service centres for patients in 74 provinces.

Twenty-five centres had been established in Khon Kaen province to launch the project, she said.

The stickers, aimed at errant husbands, read: "I love my wife", "Aids is for dishonest husbands", "Dishonest husband busters' club" and "If you leave me, you die."

They can be ordered from the ministry's finance division.