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Bangkok Post
Immunitor ban backed by NGOs: FDA urged to be vigilant on misuse

April 27, 2003
NGOs working with Aids and people living with Aids/HIV yesterday backed the Food and Drug Administration's ban on the food additive V1-Immunitor.

In their statement, the NGOs urged the FDA to continue using its powers to protect the rights of people living with Aids/HIV. They said the backers of V1-Immunitor had misled HIV-infected people into believing that the pills could cure Aids. That could deprive them of a chance to seek proper treatment.

Kamol Uppakaew, leader of the network for people living with Aids/HIV, said people with Aids/HIV should seek treatment at state hospitals.

HIV-cocktail anti-viral drugs sold by the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation had proven effective in fighting the virus. "The price begins at 1,300 baht a month. There is no need to risk your health on substandard and unproven treatment," he said.

The creators of V1-Immunitor were forced to register it as a food supplement because their claims could not be proven. The FDA banned the manufacture and distribution of V1-Immunitor after finding that advertisements were promoting its medicinal benefits.