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Gay Group Files Suit Against Hospital
Wormser, Deborah
May 20, 1988
UPI National (05/20/88)

State District Judge John Marshall on Thursday ordered Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas to eliminate its waiting list for AZT, the only FDA-approved AIDS treatment, and immediately provide the drug to every patient who needs it. The temporary restraining order resulted from a lawsuit by the Dallas Gay Alliance. The group claims seven AIDS patients died in the last month while awaiting treatment becAUse the hospital did not have enough doctors to administer the medicine. Alliance president William Waybourn said the shortage results from the unwillingness of the University of Texas' Southwestern Medical School to rotate doctors to Parkland's AIDS clinic, which is only open three days a week. The lawsuit seeks a court-appointed special master to oversee AIDS treatment for indigent people. The hospital, which defended its treatment of AIDS patients, says 20 people are now on the waiting list. Waybourn said there were 31.