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MyHealthChannel is an Internet-based, interactive care management solution for HIV patients, physicians and the people supporting them. Confidential and secure, MyHealthChannel understands and responds to the unique needs of the HIV community. As a powerful care management program, it provides free, fast and easy access to critical information needed to help patients and their caregivers manage their healthcare treatment strategies.

MyHealthChannel Features:

  • Chronicle daily health progress; medications, allergies, exercise, and health goals.
  • Prepare and collaborate with their doctors around a specific health profile tailored and managed by each individual.
  • Learn about the latest therapies, scientific research, and clinical trials.
  • Purchase prescriptions and medical supplies from the best, unbiased Web sources.

MyHealthChannel is for everyone, and it is especially designed for the HIV communities. Caregivers can also simplify the challenge of helping their loved ones from wherever they happen to be.

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