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We are committed to providing free access to HIV/AIDS information, and when needed, assistance locating information within the AEGiS database.

  • If you can't find something, try this --
    1. Go to our Search page and try a keyword--e.g. nutrition. Use the drop-down menu there to search a specific section of AEGiS.
    2. Send us an email, and tell us what you're trying to locate. Please remember, however, we cannot respond to your questions or concerns unless you provide an explanation of what you're trying to locate, and a valid email address.
  • Please note: AEGiS is a small non-profit organization focused on providing web-based HIV/AIDS information. As such, we are unable to provide the following: training and/or workshops, funding, materials, e.g. videos, pamphlets, posters, etc.


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Tech Support

Having a problem with the site? Find a broken link? If you find a broken link, or get an error message while using the search engine, let us know about it through tech support-- we'd really appreciate it. Just copy the URL (the address of the page), describe the problem, and send an e-mail to and we'll try and fix it.

Please NOTE: This is technical support, and it is not to be used for general questions, such as "What is HIV/AIDS?"

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Business Administration

If you'd like to contact us with a legitimate business matter, such as a large donation, advertising on the AEGiS website, or partnering in some way, please contact our staff through the following e-mail address:

AEGiS Direct Contact:

AIDS Education Global Information System
32302 Alipaz St., #267 | P.O. Box 184
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693-0184

Phone (voice)
+1 949-218-5568

Phone (FAX)
+1 949-443-1755

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